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abaX Data is a Business Intelligence consultancy that provides our clients with the tools, techniques and processes to make decisions based on data.
From inception to completion, we have the experience, tools and expertise necessary to deliver and support successful Business Intelligence solutions.

Why abaX ?

How Can abaX Data Help You?

Our goal in Business Intelligence is to

use information to gain a competitive advantage by making decisions based on data

That is a big promise and one which is often talked about. We hope every business would like to improve efficiency and better understand their environment through the use of data but how can we help you and what do we bring to the table?

abaX Data has a proven track record of designing, delivering and improving business intelligence solutions and providing strategic advice. We can be involved in all phases of project delivery including areas covering inception and design, proof of concepts, implementation (and contractors), project review, complete project delivery and strategic advice on how to best implement and use business intelligence.

Rather than focus explicitly on a specific offering or technology, we will simply list six ways that distinguish abaX data as a partner for your success.
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Business Results
Independent Expert Advice
Product Expertise
Agile Delivery
Solutions based on Experience
Proven Success


Business Results

The gap between IT and business is narrowing and successful businesses recognise and exploit this change. Business users now have more power than they have previously held and they can now easily manage tasks that were under the sold the domain of the IT Department. This change in power has also transformed and streamlined the role of IT.

At abaX data, we embrace this change (notwithstanding any other outcome) and use it to focus our projects so that they deliver value to those that need it, those in business that need to make decisions based on data.

Our philosophy is simple, if the business outcome is successful then we are all successful and it is our responsibility to partner in that success.