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abaX Data is a Business Intelligence consultancy that provides our clients with the tools, techniques and processes to make decisions based on data.
From inception to completion, we have the experience, tools and expertise necessary to deliver and support successful Business Intelligence solutions.

Why abaX ?

Excel - Unoffical BI


There is no denying Excel has a ubiquitous footprint and role in most organisations. Either by design or accident, users are often forced to use Excel as a tool for analysis/reporting regardless of any offical Business Intelligence tool that has been deployed.

Of course users have loved Excel for a long time - the ability to interact and manipulate data gives them control which has traditionally been absent from corporate BI environments that are focused on reporting. With the release of Power BI, Microsoft has flagged Excel as the center of the self-service universe. Now end users are empowered with tools that have traditionally been found in the domain of an IT specialist.

Power BI is such a powerful tool that the team at abaX have used it to create solutions which absorb all data from an operational system (that's all the data from the company held in Excel). Now, there is no need to rely on an external provider to wait for expensive reports because all the user has to do is drop a field into Excel. If a user is not technically orientated and does not want to work with the tools, Power BI allows us to work side-by-side with the business and deliver results immediately.

Scared of Putting all data into Excel? We have also created custom reporting solutions in Excel that rely on corporate data (data that’s maintained by IT). Users have access to information through menus and popup windows that guide them through reporting and analysis.

abaX has also created Budgeting and data entry applications which operate in a connected/disconnected mode from shared systems. What does this mean? Typically, when Excel is used for budgeting, a manual process takes data from Excel sheets and consolidated them. This can be problematic – have you ever seen more than one workbook with the words Final as a name? Some tools offer immediate transfer to a shared source however, the user has to be online to use it. What if, the user could work with their budget and then submit it when they are happy? That plane trip just became a lot more productive!