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abaX Data is a Business Intelligence consultancy that provides our clients with the tools, techniques and processes to make decisions based on data.
From inception to completion, we have the experience, tools and expertise necessary to deliver and support successful Business Intelligence solutions.

Why abaX ?

Load Plan Modelling

LPM is easy to use online modelling software specifically designed for the Eductaion Industry

Check Its online, so you can work when and where you want
Check Providing greater efficency and accuracy by eliminating manual data entry
Check Easy Interfaces for data transfer
Check Fully Customisable by - give your users the experience they deserve
Check Manage all your data, documents, emails, decisions (and conversations outcomes) in the one convenient location

Key Features

The LPM solution from abaX Data delivers a framework and data platform for a predefined (education) business model - at the same time allowing flexibility for customisation. It provides an interactive environment for the management of users, master data, models, model versions and reports.


Master Data Mangment

Load Plan Modeling Master Data Mangment

Common business structure & data elements that are shared throughout the system. Allows for the automatic update of data (where possible) and manual intervention when required (or source data is not available) Don’t be restricted to a single API


Version Managment

Load Plan Modeling Version Managment

Store different model types in a single platform which defines a broad method of how load is generated. Then define versions for the model (or a specific parameter set defining the model). This allows for easy scenario comparison and what-if planning.



Load Plan Modelling

Create a collaborative environment which allows lines of business (usually faculties) to interact with their responsibility areas. Once data is entered, its available so there’s no need for the double handling and manipulation of data.



abaX LPM covers a variety of reporting options. Naturally, we have embeded reporting in the application for the creation, editing and management of reports. We also recognise that you have an existing investment in reporting and may want to use that.

Our Web enabled delivery mechanism allows us to seamlessly integrate your existing reporting tools with our front end. There’s no need to learn another product and our data access layer allows you to write reports over any data structures in the application.


  Load Plan Modeling

Why did we do It?

At abaX we’ve been putting together our clients successful load plans for years and have learned a lot in that time.

We've found there are some common hurdles we all face and these findings drove the development of LPM.

  • An Established and Proven Solution for Predicting Student Activity

    Testing the sensitivity of assumptions to output lies in detail

    Run mulitple scenarios for varying model assumptions
    It gives you a range of outcomes to compare the impact of assumptions.

  • Finding #1 - Manual Procedures are Inefficient and Inaccurate

    Time spent on integrating data is wasted and provides no benefit to the your solution.

    All Data and models need to be sourced and stored in a consistent and robust platform.

  • Finding #2 - It's more than Automation, It's also Information Management

    It's nice to think that simply automating a process will fix all - It won't.

    The plan is a process and involves different people, departments and process.
    & the solution needs to assist in document, process and collaboration management.

  • Finding #3 - Data Requirements for Planning are Specific

    Data for load planning is specific
    .... requiring collection, manipulation and projection

    The load plan needs to be capable of collecting and manipulate existing corporate data


What do our Clients Say?


"Paul and the abaX Data team’s approach to delivering a quality service to the University has been unparalleled.

Their approach taken to first understand our business and then working one-on-one with our staff has allowed the University to seamlessly progress system developments to our load planning tool which had traditionally been problematic"

Mark Bazzacco Director, Planning and Quality University of Canberra



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