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abaX Data is a Business Intelligence consultancy that provides our clients with the tools, techniques and processes to make decisions based on data.
From inception to completion, we have the experience, tools and expertise necessary to deliver and support successful Business Intelligence solutions.

Why abaX ?

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence can be a real BUZZ word and mean different things to different people (even when they are in the same department and company). For example, lets look at few commonly used meanings for the term;

What is BI?

Building a data warehouse or datamart that integrates different sources of data


Creating pivot tables, charts, formulas and macros in Excel to analyse data


Building a dash board that will provide an overall view of performance

What is BI?

Building a reporting site to answer common questions or burst reports to staff so that they are in their inbox first thing

What is BI?

Using data mining to uncover hidden patterns in data

At abaX we do all that and take a broad view of the meaning. For us, Business Intelligence is

"Using data, tools and techniques that will improve your competitive advantage"

That's why abaX focuses on delivering results - delivering information to people who need to analyse, make decisions and monitor outcomes. You may have noticed that we are not talking about (or even promoting) a platform here. Why would we? Choosing a product without requirements is like trying to force a square peg in a round hole. Our promise is to design and deliver unbiased, best of breed solutions that efficiently solve your information needs.

The staff at abaX have a proven track record with the design and implementation of business intelligence solutions that solve real world problems.

So how can we do help you?


Plan your solution with you. At abaX, we don't have preconceived ideas about how to solve your business intelligence problems, and (more importantly) we will not try and force you into a platform that does not suite your needs. We listen to you, understand what you want to do, discuss what you might want to do in the future and put together a collaborative plan to get it done.

Check Implement using an agile method of delivery. What does that mean? We deliver solutions in incremental steps with each new step adding more functionality to the prior one. This method ensures fast delivery, getting information out to users and builds collaboration between teams
Check Review your implementation in the light of changing requirements, misguided definitions or poor performance. Your requirements will change but do you plan for it? At abaX we have been involved in architecture and design reviews to make sure that your system can do and deliver what it should. Doesn’t work? We can recommend and implement independent solutions to get you up and running.
Check Suggest. Our team has experience in a wide range of industries and technologies. We deliver and suggest courses of action for you to help you improve your business and outcomes.